Our Team

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Principal, Project Manager


Eric is a co-owner of Samara Restoraton and has over seventeen years working within the northern California community learning about the local flora and ecology. As Project Manager, he provides consultation services for ecological restoration projects, landscape designs, develops restoration plans, and coordinates / implements projects. Eric has worked on numerous projects serving private land owners, schools, non-profit organizations, local, state, tribal, and federal agencies.

Josh Koepke

Josh Koepke

Principal, Project Manager


Josh is the co-owner of Samara Restoration and is responsible for the nursery operations and restoration projects. He has extensive experience in the fields of ecological restoration, wildlife biology, vegetation management, horticulture, and sustainable landscape design/installation. Josh has worked on landscape related projects throughout California for public schools, private ranches, homeowners, architects, and government agencies.

Troy Perez

Troy Perez

Nursery Manager


Troy Perez is the co-owner of Samara Restoration and is responsible for nursery operations as well as the coordination and supervision of projects. Troy specializes in applying permaculture practices and native ecology principles to nursery management, plant propagation, and site specific landscape and design management.

Jeff Rockefeller

Project Foreman

Jeff "Rocky" is a Project Foreman responsible for managing crews in the field. Rocky has worked for Samara since 2012 and brings an extensive skillset to our landscape construction and restoration efforts. Efficiency and communication are his strong points and this translates to a successful project.  

Terrance Brown

Restoration Technician

Terrance has been with us since 2013 and provides support to restoration and landscape construction projects. Terrance is very knowledgeable about our local ecology and the restoration principles for making our projects successfull.  

Jeremy Sargent

Restoration Equipment Operator

Jeremy Sargent has over 20 years of experience operating equipment ranging from small skid steers to large dozers. His experience working on riparian restoration projects, culvert repairs, grading, road decommissioning and appropriate road construction has made Jeremy a key team player for our services. Jeremy values safety and good communication during project planning and implementation. He completed his degree in Rangeland Resources from the Eastern Oregon University and is familiar with California native plants and their ecosystems. 


Brian Dunn

Propagation Specialist

Brian is the Propagation Specialist at the Samara Restoration native plant nursery. His training in botany and experience with horticulture has been a great asset to our nursery. He has a great passion for growing plants and perfecting our horticultral practices. Brian manages our seed lot and manages the implementation of all cuttings and seed production.

John Trewin

Nursery Technician

John is a Nursery Technician at the Samara Restoration Nursery and also supports us in implementing landscape and restoration projects. Aside from his great attitude, Johns experience with native plants and landsaping has been a great asset to Samara. He enjoys growing native plants and getting his hands dirty!