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The Samara Restoration nursery is a regional leader in horticulture, conservation, and restoration of our beautiful native flora and habitats. For over 11 years we have grown for a wide range of projects and industries. Our expert horticulture team is passionate about growing for large scale restoration projects as well as native landscaping

Our nursery staff is trained on the latest horticultural pathogens and we employ best management practices to prohibit sudden oak death and other Phytophthora species. We are inspected monthly by the county of Humboldt agriculture specifically for SOD.  We run a tight ship and keeping our nursery clean is the best way to achieve plant health!

Samara Restoration Native Northern, Ca plants
California poppies
Samara Restoration Native Northern, Ca plants

Commercial & Residential Services

Let us transform your landscape with lush native plants that are meant for Northern, CA. We offer both large scale commercial grow projects and residential home projects by appointment.

We grow numerous native plant types from ferns and grasses to shrubs and conifers spanning the greater California north coastal region. We have grown over 3,000 plants that are being put to use at California State Park projects as well as at the Sequoia Park zoo for a captive breeding program.

Residential Services

To book an appointment please call us at 707.601.3478. Our nursery staff can also provide insights on your native plant garden for aesthetics, wildlife/pollinator habitat, and many other ecological functions.

  • For the most recent plant availability, see our Plant Availability List.
  • We offer contract grow services that will meet your project specifications.
  • Please call us to discuss the process for developing a contract grow agreement.
Plant Availability List

Commercial Services

Since 2013, our nursery has been growing plants for large scale native plant restoration projects. We have grown all the riparian trees, shrubs, and wetland species for the Salt River restoration project in the Eel River estuary. This watershed scale restoration project has comprised over 3 miles of stream and over 40,000 plants have been grown. In addition, we have worked with other large stakeholders on important projects. Below we’ve highlighted some of our contract grows below.

We’d love to hear about your project needs 707.601.3478.

Nursery Gallery

Our Seed Collection Program

Our seed collection program promotes genetic and species diversity. One of our primary goals is to collect plant material from site specific locations or within the same watershed. Since ecotypes vary across elevation and latitude, it’s important to capture genetic and phenotypic adaptations to achieve long term success at a population level.

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